Farm Gear & Heavy Machinery

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Tried, True & Proven.

With decades of service throughout the region we’ve been providing high-quality heavy machinery and farm gear to the farming, industrial and commercial sectors in Hawke’s Bay.

Our huge parts and accessories department caters for most of our customers’ needs ‘on-demand’. We have GPS equipment and electronic devices to keep tractors in a straight line as they sow seeds. We also equip tractors with spraying gear and can provide heavy machinery such as harvesters for potato, squash and grain, to name a few.

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Sell, Repair & Produce.

We can repair heavy machinery and farm equipment on-site with our field service vehicles complete with onboard power generation and all the necessary tools, and equipment. And, if we can’t fix it on-site, we’ll pick it up and bring it back to our workshop to get the job done before dropping it back into action on your farm or at your factory.

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