BA Pumps & Sprayers

BA Pumps & Sprayers, formerly known as Bertolini Australasia, is a Kiwi, family-owned business that has been running for more than 30 years, are specialist suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural, horticultural and industrial equipment including pumps, sprayers, spreaders and more.

Trailed Sprayers

Tow and go with the BA range of Trailed Sprayers.

BA‘s range of 200 to 2000L Trailed Sprayers can be linked to your ATV, Ute or Tractor and are perfect for a range of jobs.  From spot spraying, to broad-acre boom spraying BA‘s range of Trailed Sprayers has got you covered

EZI-Spot 200L Series

Ideally suited for towing with an ATV or RTV the EZI-Spot is perfect for small spot spraying, fence line spraying, and small liquid fertiliser/pasture renovation jobs on your lifestyle block.

TSX400 Litre Trailed Sprayer

The TSX400, with its engineer designed chassis, is light and agile with a purpose moulded tank for an ultra-low centre of gravity. Ideal for towing with ATVs and UTVs, even on the toughest of terrain.

Deckmount Sprayers

BA Pumps & Sprayers deckmount sprayers have been designed to suit a range of flat deck trays and well-side utility vehicles.

These sprayers are ideally suited to farmers who need to eliminate large brush weeds and can be put on the back of a motorbike or ATV.
Standard units are designed for gun spraying however, you can add a spray boom for larger spray jobs, making your sprayer flexible for whichever jobs you need doing. This flexibility also allows for liquid fertiliser spraying as well as weed spraying.
BA Deckmount Sprayers are available in two models. The EZI-Deckmounts are an economic option ideal for the farmer and block owner. The MAXI-Deckmounts have been designed to contractor standards.

30-200L EZI-Spot Sprayer

The EZI-Spot ATV 12v Deckmount Sprayer Series are ideal for spot spraying by farmers and contractors, and have been designed to easily fit onto motorbikes, quads, side-by-sides, and ATVs.

200-300L DM Series

The DM Series is available in a range of models from 12 volts suitable for off-the-seat general spot spraying, to high-pressure Bertolini pumps better suited for spraying harder-to-access woody weeds.
The adaptive design also allows for the DM to be easily retro-fitted with a range of exclusive Smart-Fit Boom Sprays and BoomJet sprayers making it the ultimate multi-purpose sprayer.

400-650L MAXI Sprayer

The MAXI Deckmount Gun Sprayers have been designed to suit larger farms and contractors. Perfectly suited for Ute decks with two different frame designs to fit dual or single cab models.

Linkage Sprayers

Our industry-leading three-point linkage sprayers range from the 400-650L Blockmate which caters to smaller acreage right through to the 1600-1900l LK Series for larger pasture cropping applications.

Our range of Linkage Sprayers can have multiple controller options from easy-to-use manual valve banks, to ISOBUS-compatible controllers to interface with your existing GPS terminal.

400-650L BA Series

The 400-650L BA Series Linkage Sprayers have been designed with economy in mind without compromising on quality. Ideal for small blocks, through to medium sized farms.

800-1000L BA Series

Designed with the small to mid-sized pastoralist in mind our heavy duty Pasture Packs are strong, reliable, and easy to use.

The ideal tool for pasture renovation and general weed control.

900-1150L LM Series

The innovative LM Linkage Sprayer has been designed for a diverse range of spraying applications and built to be safer, faster, and stronger.

Combine the LM Sprayer with the fully hydraulic M Boom and you’ll never spray the same way again!

1100-1500L Front Mount Tanks

BA‘s multi-purpose Front Mount Tanks are ideal for increasing your sprayer’s capacity and are also suited to liquid fertiliser for planting applications. Shaped specifically for improved weight distribution on the front axle.

1600-1900L LK Series

The feature-packed LK Series is also ideal for vegetable growers or small crops, turf growers, and larger pastoralists no matter the terrain.
The larger tank and boom size is perfect for larger scale farmers and the flexible design can be upgraded to suit the highest level of precision farming.

1000-1300L LS Series

The feature-packed LS Series is ideal for vegetable growers or small crops, turf growers, and larger pastoralists no matter the terrain.

The flexible design can be upgraded to suit the highest level of precision farming.

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