Who we are

Stevenson & Taylor history

Tractors & Heavy Machinery from the Beginning.

Founded in 1951 by Bill Stevenson, Peter Taylor and John Ferguson, we’ve been selling and servicing tractors and heavy machinery in Hawke’s Bay for over seven decades. From the outset the vision has been to be at the forefront of the industry and that’s where we remain today.

Based in Waipukurau, initially servicing all kinds of tractors and manufacturing engineering equipment from scratch when the accessories available today just simply didn’t exist.

Stevenson & Taylor throughout the ages.

Throughout the 1950s the Stevenson & Taylor premises combined both workshop and sales. In the 1960s the workshop was split into a diesel/tractor servicing workshop, an engineering workshop, a parts and merchandise department, and a sales/point-of-sale department for new and second-hand tractors, and heavy machinery.

In the 1970s a small motors sales department and servicing workshop were established to sell and service lawnmowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, weed-eaters, pumps and a raft of other smaller tools and equipment.

Stevenson & Taylor history

Advanced technology is the future.

From the 90s until today Stevenson & Taylor have seen continued growth both in premises and plant size, customer base, and the breadth of sales and services on offer. The 90s saw the arrival of GPS technology, electronically controlled self-drive transmissions and other farm vehicles, and more technically advanced hydraulic systems and automatic powershift transmissions.

Family connections remain strong.

Brian Stevenson, son of founding partner Bill Stevenson, retired in 2017. But his son, Brett (Bill’s grandson),  is still with the company as a leading auto-electrical tractor technician. We remain at the forefront of tractors and heavy engineering both locally and nationally. Striving to stay well ahead of our competitors, constantly making sure we’re offering a diverse range of products and services for our clients, and ensuring our people have the best and most relevant skills for the work we do.